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IZUM APP - IZUM gsm gps smart device for tracking control spaces security sports

Once you get your IZUM, you can download our App at Google Play or at App Store, try it!

IZUM APP communicates with mobile phones and IZUM devices; Now you can Sense & Track the surrounding environments of life and business in an easy, quick, efficient and affordable way.

Start by Connecting your Devices (as many as you wish); set their Temperature, LightMovement, HumidityProximity and Location range of values; Get Alerts by push messages customized according to the many available rules IZUM APP has available for you.

When you add IZUM Device to IZUM APP it gets even more exciting and valuable as you unlock
all sorts of widgets and statistics that help you decide on important actions to take. Order your IZUM device now @: izum.io for a complete and full experience!

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