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IZUM presents itself in the market as a brand of development of IIoT and Robotics solutions applied to Industry 4.0.

It currently covers 6 different brands with different devices: Izum, Izum Motion, Izum Sports, Izum Tracking, Izum Travel, Izum Industry and Izum Food.

IZUM Industry

Devices designed for industry, capable of monitoring and preventing the maintenance of industrial equipment.

– Izum Food
– Izum Industry
– Izum Motors
– Izum Spaces

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Devices accessible to any consumer, allowing them to monitor various actions.

– Izum Motion
– Izum Sports
– Izum Tracking
– Izum Travel

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Industry 4.0

As Industry 4.0 is the one we currently find ourselves in, it arises with the aim of improving production systems and business models.

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The IIoT, Industrial Internet Of Things, is a network of physical objects capable of gathering and transmitting data.

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Robotics is responsible for systems consisting of automatic mechanical parts controlled by circuits.

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Our devices

Izum MotionSense Everything Everywhere Feel possible presences and movements in your company, home, store or any other place you feel the need. Contact us!
Izum SportsTrack Your Activity
Izum TrackingTrack Everything Everywhere
Izum TravelLuggage Always Safe
Izum IndustryThe Izum Industry is a monitoring and maintenance prevention device for industrial equipment, optimizing its duration, production cycles and longevity.
Izum FoodIzum Food aims to respond to the needs of the Food and Bakery Industry, helping companies to increase production capacity, reduce manufacturing costs, reduce downtime, among many other aspects.

Why should I choose Izum?

Izum develops solutions adapted to your needs. In order to design devices with high quality standards, we have a research and development team with knowledge in various areas, from consumer to industry.

As a single consumer, can I purchase an Izum device?

Izum devices are available to any consumer. Depending on the purpose of the activity, the consumer can opt for Izum Sports, Izum Tracking, Izum Travel and Izum Motion.

Is Izum Industry adapted to my company's problem?

Yes. All industry-oriented devices are developed taking into account the customer’s needs. If your company’s problem is low productivity, IZUM designs a device capable of solving this production deficit.

Let's find a solution adapted to your needs?

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