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5 Ways IZUM Can Improve Your Business in 2017 - IZUM gsm gps smart device for tracking control spaces security sports


Another year had passed, and companies from various industries regardless of size are optimistic that 2017 will bring them a new level of success in business. Let’s leave Feng Sui out of this. First, evaluate your company’s performance from the past year and identify the areas of your business that need improvement. And perhaps, it’s time you make use of GPS fleet tracking for business, like IZUM, for smoother operations.

1. Lets You Monitor Driving Habits of Employee

From the moment you let your employee drive your company vehicle bearing your company logo, they become your company representative on the road. So whatever their driving behaviour is, whether they are a responsible or reckless driver, it will reflect on you and the company. Don’t wait for citizens’ calls to the 1-800 numbers or ticket violations to start coming in before you take action.

With IZUM, you will be able to monitor the driving behaviour of your employee. Not only that, it will also allow you to set up parameters and limits, which, when broken, will trigger an alert. A notification will be sent to you whenever your drivers are speeding, swerving, or showing any aggressive driving behaviour. A summary report of their driving and vehicle tracking information is available for your evaluation so you can take the necessary actions.

2. Prolongs Lifespan of Fleet Vehicles

To keep your company vehicles in top shape, routine maintenance is essential. Instead of manually monitoring company vehicles, which is a tedious task, by the way, the GPS tracking system will do it for you.

3. Helps Improve Route Efficiency

GPS tracking system serves as a route optimizer. You can use the device to find the most efficient routes for your drivers. It will help them avoid traffic jams and route redundancy. As a result, orders are delivered on time. Not only will your customers be happy, more than that, but you can also save money on fuel and overtime pay.

4. Boosts Employee Productivity

Based on studies, employees who are aware of them being monitored tend to be more productive on the job. When this happens, they tend to finish their tasks faster, resulting in more jobs being done without needing to render overtime, saving you money on labour. With IZUM installed on your fleet, employee productivity will surely improve.

5. Provides Better Customer Service

A good customer service is a must for every business. Without it, your business has a low chance of succeeding. IZUM allows you to be prompt in addressing customer requests and problems. You are always in time for your customers’ needs, keeping them happy and relationship with them stronger.

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