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Never lose your pet again Find your pet with just a touch on IZUM app in your smartphone! Our four-legged friends are members of our family. Unfortunately, most pet owners are unaware of the risk of losing their dog or their cat. The reasons why a pet leaves home are many and not always predictable,…
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Keep Your Personal Belongings Always Safe IZUM Security gives you everything you need to keep your personal objects secure. We are serious about the security of your personal belongings so with our smart device you can be everywhere at once. Order IZUM NowContact Us Worldwide Coverage Phone Support 1 Year Warranty Money Back Guarantee IZUM…
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Control the pace of your workout! IZUM Sports tracks every part of your workout and activity, for real-time information about your exercise. Every step and route is tracked and you can analyze your data, on our app for smartphone or in our webapp, in order to improve your game. Order IZUM NowContact Us Worldwide Coverage…
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Home GPS Tracking Devices – IZUM SPACES

[custom_element element="div" css_class="banner_box" inner_wrapper="false"] Control the home environment on every room IZUM Spaces is a sensorial smart home gps tracking device that allows you to control your environment and set your rules for the best temperature, luminosity and humidity. It helps you gain control of your home giving you the perfect space conditions at all moments.…
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