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IZUM at IDTechEx - IZUM gsm gps smart device for tracking control spaces security sports

The IDTechEx Show! co-locates the many events related to advanced technology.

The event is designed to help you assess your business strategy and timing, the technical, consumer and governmental challenges, new business models, and opportunities.

IZUM will be part of the Internet of Things Applications area.

The Internet of Things will connect existing systems and then augment those by connecting more things, thanks to wireless sensor networks and other technologies. Things on the 'edge' form mesh networks and can make their own automated decisions. But where and how, in the scale of hype to reality, can the Internet of Things profit suppliers and users today? What are the pragmatic steps needed to enable the Internet of Things and widespread deployment of wireless sensor networks that are feasible and based on an ROI and not the hope someone else will pay for this? Who is buying IoT in the short term?

Find the answers at this event in Berlin, get to know IZUM at booth I24.

IZUM at IDTechEx Show!

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