Industry 4.0, IIoT and Robotics

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, also known as Industry IoT or Fourth Industrial Revolution, arises from the need to improve production systems and business models.

It encompasses some automation and data exchange technologies, using concepts such as Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Cloud Computing and IIoT.

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The IIoT, Industrial Internet of Things or Industrial Internet of Things, is a network of physical objects capable of gathering and transmitting data. That is, through this technology it is possible to transform objects into devices capable of connecting with other things, objects and people, in order to exchange information.

IIoT interactivity can take place, for example, through the internet, Bluetooth or Radio Frequency.

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Robotics deals with systems consisting of automatic mechanical parts controlled by circuits.

This technology is used in most factories and industries, with the main objective of performing human tasks more quickly and effectively.

A Robot, in turn, is an electromechanical device or set of these, capable of performing autonomously and pre-programmed works. Industrial Robots are the most common, as they are used in the production line of companies.

Palletizing Cell

A palletizing cell presents itself as an equipment that performs the automated palletizing process, that is, it has the ability to move and place products under pallets, in an efficient and organized way.

This process brings numerous advantages to the industry, namely the reduction of human labor (an exhausting process for humans), reduction of time and increased safety at work.



CNC cell

The CNC cell offers companies the possibility to save space, handle parts carefully, help employees and increase technical functionality.

Each CNC machine is an optimized production cell and therefore a high performance centre. The cell is responsible for the integration, which allows a simple use of the robot.

It is thus possible to perform various functions, such as part rotation and alignment. Furthermore, in the future, if necessary, new parts can be easily added to the process.

Izum develops and designs complete and integrated solutions in various industries.

We evaluate all the conditions and variables of the business, in order to offer a oriented and adequate solution to each client.