About us

The best solutions for IIoT and Robotics

IZUM is a brand dedicated to the provision of services in the IIoT and Robotics area.
Through our monitoring and sensing devices, we design the best IIoT and Robotics solutions applied to Industry 4.0.

Our activity is based on three essential pillars: Solutions, Quality and Evolution. We are an ambitious, dynamic team, always available, with a modern, technologically advanced structure and with great capacity for evolution.

We provide devices with different objectives, from locating belongings and evaluating physical performance, to monitoring and preventing industrial equipment.


Guarantee the potential of its customers, in order to consolidate and reinforce its outstanding position in the market, through solutions in Industry 4.0.


We intend to define and implement innovative solutions of high quality and reliability, in the area of ​​Industry 4.0. In this way, we are able to contribute to the success of our customers, always maintaining trust and satisfaction for both parties.


• Responsibility and Commitment
• Quality and Innovation.
• Trust.
• Team spirit.
• Continuous improvement.
• Respect and Ethics.
• Excellence focused on results

IZUM installations

The entire exterior of IZUM’s facilities is composed of a natural environment, where green and fresh notes prevail. With energy saving and consequent environmental protection in mind, all the windows in the building are made of glass, thus allowing natural light to enter during the day.


IZUM provides a variety of industrial equipment in order to offer customers the best of Industry 4.0.


Our range of industrial robots is individually tailored to each customer in order to develop the solution that best fits the production process of your business.
Each robot solution presented can be easily and quickly integrated into existing equipment, providing work with greater safety and performance.
At IZUM you will find the right robot for the desired function.