What are IoT solutions anyway?

The Internet of Things, commonly known as IoT, is characterized as “the extension of network connectivity and computing power for objects, devices and sensors”. The IoT integrates all devices and objects capable of being permanently connected to the Internet, identifying and communicating with each other.

When we think of the Internet, we think of computers, tablets or smartphones, which keep us connected. However, when we refer to the IoT, the concept goes much further. We are referring to all types of objects and devices capable of providing information related to themselves or to the world around them, thus creating a smarter universe.

To better understand what an IoT solution consists of, we will present a case applied to everyday life.

Imagine that your refrigerator has a digital screen on the door with Internet access. Clearly this screen will not be used to view news or browse social networks, correct?

Here, the function is different: the connectivity existing in that appliance can be used to notify you when a food is running out, or to list a set of supermarkets where a certain product is at a reduced price. This solution would certainly facilitate your day-to-day and the organization of your home.

This is the power of the IoT. Through intelligent solutions, connect objects to the Internet, in order to make them more efficient.

Currently, the IoT universe is already present in several situations:
– Private Vehicles and Public Transport;
– Surveillance Cameras;
– Buildings;
– Traffic signs;
– Home appliances;
– Presence Sensors;
– Car parking;
– Among many others.

Despite the risks that this technology entails in terms of electronic security, the trend is for the IoT to be increasingly present in everything around us. In the near future, the connection between human beings, devices and the Internet will be part of everyone’s daily lives.