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Delivery - IZUM gsm gps smart device for tracking control spaces security sportsIZUM gsm gps smart device for tracking control spaces security sports

How Much is Shipping?

Once you’ve entered your shipping address, shipping costs are calculated and added to your cart.
  • Portugal - € 3.50 (Ex. VAT) - Express Mail (Up to 1 Business Days)
  • Europe - € 6 (Ex. VAT) - Express Mail (Up to 3 Business Days)
  • Rest of the World - € 7 (Ex. VAT) - Express Mail (Up to 5 Business Days)

Where do you deliver?

We deliver worldwide. A list of countries is available above with the estimated shipping time.

How much time will it take to receive my order?

Please consider the following things while you wait for your order:
Shipment estimations are counted in Business Days: Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays.
Shipping starts the day you get a “Your order has shipped” email.
If you order several products, they will be shipped in one package.

Processing time

  • Normal Processing Time - 1 to 5 Business Days
  • When to contact Support - After 6 Business Days

We send your order to our logistics center as soon as possible after your order. While most orders are sent in 24-48h following an order, it can take up to 5 Business Days to process. If your order has not been shipped after 5 Business Days following your order, please contact Support.

Remember that your order will be sent in one package, when all products will be ready for shipment.

Please note that circumstances affecting the carrier like weather, special events or various incidents might delay delivery. Feel free to contact IZUM support if you’re not satisfied with delivery.

Will I be able to track my order?

Yes. All shipment methods have tracking enabled. Please contact IZUM support to assist you.