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CONTROL THE ENVIRONMENT ON EVERY ROOM WITH IZUM - IZUM gsm gps smart device for tracking control spaces security sports

Confine Environmental rooms carry a modular design and have been used for myriad research applications around the world. Because every projects carries unique requirements and challenges, and I have  50 year history, our design group of over 35 engineers and technicians has developed a core intellectual.




“IZUM “ is dedicated to the design of unique, innovative, high-performance & controlled  your environment systems. Whatever your needs & whatever you wants, we have the ability to transform your vision into reality.

Given the unique requirements of such projects, we suggest you consultant directly with Confine  as early in your development plans as soon as possible. As a starting point, we proved the offers  of customer related to the Project  to assist with early-stage for making the discussions.


Our environmental rooms can provide precise control of temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting etc.Tolerance controls are standard with each separates environmental rooms in a custom designed, central control panel that enables users to define variable temperature and humidity levels to ensure a successful work environment. Environmental rooms can meet KGMP and FD / ITCH requirements.

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