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Outdoor Workout Tips for the Summer

The outdoors is a great place to work out, especially when doing activities pertaining to physical therapy. If you’re looking to build endurance, stamina, or restore function in your body, try these workout tips! Hill Sprints Find a hill and sprint up and down, an exercise regularly done amongst football players, soccer players, and many…
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Cycle Gps Tracking Device At Izum

Cycle Gps Tracking Device Cycle gps tracking device is a special kinds of gadget which works with satellite network including gps device that is connected with internet network, and it is used for tracing the location of cycle racer/rider. This device having the internet enabled sim card, and it is attached with cycle so that,…
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Emerging Technology in Sport

Sports are changing rapidly with the modern developments in technology. Cheaper manufacturing, more compact designs, and rapid improvements have led to a boom in “wearables”. Monitoring and other products that are integrated into everything from solo activities such as running, swimming and riding through to a wide range of contact team sports. Technology in sport…
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