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Have Fun and Take Care of Your Kids with 11 Beach Safety Tips

Summertime means beach time for many families – including mine! While beach days are generally great, they can also be very dangerous if you forget to take the proper safety precautions. According to the CDC, almost 4,000 persons die from drowning each year, and drowning is responsible for more deaths among children aged 1-4 years…
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Do’s and Don’ts for Naturally Disorganized People

Some people are not just neat, but super duper organized. We all know someone like that – the type of person who never complains about tidying up because they never let anything get messy in the first place.  They can’t help but unpack a suitcase the moment they return home from a trip. Their socks…
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5 Reasons Why Parents Should Start Monitoring Kids with GPS

The safety of your children is always a primary concern. But oftentimes, your busy schedule may cause you to lose track of your child. Even hiring the best babysitters in the business leaves a lot of room for mistakes. So this begs the question: what can I do to increase my child’s safety? Nowadays, you…
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Outdoor Workout Tips for the Summer

The outdoors is a great place to work out, especially when doing activities pertaining to physical therapy. If you’re looking to build endurance, stamina, or restore function in your body, try these workout tips! Hill Sprints Find a hill and sprint up and down, an exercise regularly done amongst football players, soccer players, and many…
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