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Control your life

Meet Sense

Track and monitor the temperature where it really matters to you.

Check the humidity levels.

NFC technology enables simple and safe two-way interactions between electronic devices.

Know the light exposure in any area.

Recognizes when someone is near the device.

Track noises in the environment.

Meet Tracking

Find your IZUM wherever you are.

With this small device, you can determine if an object is moving uphill, whether it will fall over, if it tilts any more, or whether it´s flying horizontally or angling downward.

IZUM Tracking connects directly into an existing WiFi network.


  • Security
  • Baby monitoring
  • Plant monitoring
  • Home automation
  • Movement detection
  • Light exposure monitoring
  • Object tracking
  • Choose what’s smart in your life
  • Automates your life



IZUM Sense and Tracking are designed to remain discreet and adapt to different environments. It's small, packed with powerful technology and a long lasting battery.

Life Proof

The devices have been designed to protect the sensors from outdoor elements.

Find it

The tracking device can be located anywhere in the world directly from the internet.


Sends an alarm to notify you when changes occur.

Close to you

IZUM is paired directly with your smartphone, PC or tablet and you can send all the data to the cloud.